Ideas to Pay it Forward

There are so many ways for you to pay it forward!  Here are some ideas to get you started!  Remember to keep the kindness revolution going and include your card with each act of kindness.

  • Buy a cup of coffee anonymously for the person behind you in line
  • Anonymously pay for someone’s petrol at the station
  • Slip a card of encouragement into a box of newborn nappies at the supermarket
  • Drop some flowers or herbs from your garden at a neighbour’s doorstep
  • Anonymously buy someone’s meal for them at a restaurant
  • Pay a stranger’s layby for them
  • Fill up someone’s parking meter
  • Drop some chocolates to a local nursing home
  • offer to clean the kitchen of a new mum in your street
  • bring in your neighbour’s bins
  • let someone in front of you in line at the checkout
  • organise a street party to get to know your neighbours